Prototype pictures

EDTP Board
The header boards before etching.
EDTP Board
The boards after etching

Finished header boards with pins soldered in place.

Completed prototype board

IP Dragon II board.

Another picture of the IP Dragon II board

completed, hand soldered point to point prototype.

Top view of the completed completed protoype.

The first 4 completed protoypes.

Prototype cartridge resting on a 130XE.

Static address -D500 cart PCB.

Completed static address -D500 cart

cartridge shell for changeable address version

Another view of the cartridge shell.

Close-up of DIP switches for address change.

Side view of a completed cartridge board.

Another view of the completed board.

The first ten finished production boards.

The first Ten completed Dragon Cartridges!

Completed cart plugged into a 130XE